No Cost Cremation

Whole Body Donation

For those wanting a cost-free solution or simply wanting to contribute to science, we offer “no cost cremation”. Physicians, researchers, and educators are reliant on generous donors to conduct the most realistic research possible. The body is then cremated and the cremated remains are returned to the family.

We are local experts in “no-cost cremation” and are well versed in the process. We understand the urgency “for those needing financial assistance.” Once the initial call is made to Carolina Cremation, we will direct the family to the program best suited for their wishes and with the highest probability of acceptance, given the person’s medical and social history.

“Whole Body Donation”

  • Make the removal from place of death
  • Acquire all necessary authorizations
  • Coordinate efforts with institute
  • Arrange for transportation
  • File the death certificate
  • Submit notice or obituary (local newspaper charges may apply)
  • Arrange for the timely return of cremated remains
  • Create an original web page with social media links for the life story of the deceased